About Graphfist

Victor le Graphfist was born in 1967, in Paris, France, and has began drawing at just 3 y.o. After various studying directions ( Medecine, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Landscape Design) he decided assume being an Artist. Dedicating his abilities to Erotic Art, he hasn't followed the easiest way, but Sexuality, Love, Energy have always taken a great importance in his life. Happy partenered for 20 years, he get married in 2013, and live in Spain ( Sitges and Playa del Ingles). "Sex is the most instinctive way to understand and feel someone : no need of language, nor socio-cultural reference". Victor le Graphfist has experimented various types of sexualities, but has been especially changed by Fisting. "Fisting is a very powerfull way to have access to deep Energy and deep Emotions"
Graphic Technics
Rollingball pencil is my basetool; even if most of people use it only for writing, this kind of pencil is a very sensitive tool : you can have deep darks but also subtil greys , perfect to express sensual shadows. But Black and White was not enough intense to express powerfull emotions : Colors was the perfect Vocabulary to express these Emotions and Sensations. I have delightfullly experienced all kinds of color technics ( oil, aquarel, acrylic, inks ) And now, I have synthetized all this experience through Infography : deeply intense colors, high quality detais, infinite textures, 3D volume feeling... .

Black and White, and Shadows, perfectly express body volumes, what we can see with our eyes, the real material world. But Colors are the best means to represent what we can't see : what is immaterial but true; such as Emotions, Feelings... Energy..

I love express what Eyes can not see !!!

Stones, wood and irons to grab a second of Eternity ..
How to catch the fleeting second you have seen/felt something special ...
Gay Community
Colorfull creations celebration Rainbow Pride
AIDS and HC Prevention Campaign : Instigator Magazine and Asspig.com...
About Fisting
A few words about technic and philosofy
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